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Basketball Bracket Challenge

Gilley says, “Think you can beat me at basketball? Now you can find out through my Basketball Bracket Challenge!”

BracketChallengeblog Gilley’s got his game face on as he prepares to take you out in basketball. Some may say that it’s not fair to pair a human against a bird in any athletic event, but in this case, Gilley is leaving all of the dribbling, passing, shooting, and scoring to the college athletes who are just a tad taller and more coordinated than he is (although Gilley can really fly). Nevertheless, Gilley is ready to take on as many competitors as he can in the Gilley Basketball Bracket Challenge.

The NCAA basketball tournament starts in mid-March, a competition that has people all around the country filling out brackets for the opportunity to earn points, win prizes, and badmouth their competitors. This year, Gilley’s own bracket challenge will give Pittsburgh area residents and Gillece customers the chance to win two ways: by beating Gilley’s bracket or by having the highest amount of points at the end of the tournament. But don’t get too confident just yet, because Gilley knows college hoops like the back of his wing.

Whoever is brave enough to go up against Gilley has the chance to win an iPad 2 or a 40” flat screen TV, plus a $500 Gillece gift card as the grand prize. The top 5% of participants who dare defeat Gilley will also win a $50 Gillece gift card. You can submit your email address now and Gilley will let you know when bracket submissions are open, probably with a little smack talk. Once submissions close just before the games begin, points will be given in each of six rounds, concluding with the championship in April. Maybe you know college basketball, or have some Luck of the Irish in March, or want to do something fun with the chance to win some great prizes. Either way, Gilley says, “Game on!