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At Gillece Services, our mission is to ensure you and your family’s comfort. We have been keeping the residents of Baldwin, PA comfortable for over 40 years, and excel at providing our customers with affordable, reliable, and highly efficient heating and air conditioning products and services. Our extensive experience as heating and cooling contractors has given us the experience and knowledge to confidently offer the right products and services to our customers.

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Benefits of Hiring a Professional for AC Installation

Regardless of the type and make of your air conditioning unit, you can’t completely rely on it unless it’s properly installed and well-maintained. Here are some of the benefits of hiring an expert to install your AC.

  • Suitability: Only a seasoned expert understands which AC will work best in your home.
  • Experience: Professional AC installation companies have plenty of experience handling installations.
  • Improved efficiency and longevity: As an AC installation involves countless details such as electrical connections, space, seals, and bolts, you can only count on a professional to ensure a proper installation.
  • Guarantees: Professional AC installations are backed by guarantees. So, if anything goes wrong, the AC installation team can bear the costs and deal with the damages.

Reasons to Schedule a Furnace Tune-Up

Because your furnace usually runs in the background to keep you comfortable, it’s easy to forget to schedule regular maintenance. Here are a few reasons to schedule a furnace tune-up.

  • Comply with warranty conditions: Most equipment manufacturers require seasonal furnace maintenance to keep warranties valid. Preventive maintenance keeps your unit running efficiently and reduces the likelihood of breakdowns.
  • Reduce energy usage: Heating contributes to close to half of a household’s energy usage. When your furnace is well maintained and operates efficiently, energy usage drops.
  • Keeps equipment running efficiently: Tune-ups allow your service technician to examine various components of your furnace to ensure it operates efficiently and maintains indoor comfort at a lower cost.

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Emergency Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Nobody should suffer through a cold winter night without a working heater. The same is true during the summer – every home deserves to be comfortable and cozy. With over 40 years of experience serving Baldwin with quality air conditioning and heating services, our company understands the need to provide emergency services.

That’s why we provide emergency furnace repair and emergency AC repair services. Whether your furnace has broken down or your air conditioner is producing strange sounds, our team can solve these issues right away.

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