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Bad Outlets Can Lead to Bad Hair Days

Hello there! It’s Gilley, your favorite parrot. I went to use my blow dryer (how else do you think my feathers stay so fluffy?) and the little bugger didn’t turn on! This is an outlet I use every day and it suddenly quits working! I know this has happened to some of you, so before this puts a damper on your day, check out these tips below and save yourself from a bad hair day.

Dead Outlet Problems

Unplug Devices – If an outlet or set of lights happens to go quit working, there could be a simple solution to this frustrating problem. The first thing you want to do is see if other outlets and lights are working properly in your home. Once you determine that there is only one faulty outlet, you’ll want to unplug all devices from the outlet in case of a shortage or overload.

Reset Circuit Breaker – A tripped breaker or blown fuse could be the root of the problem. Check the main electrical panel and look for a switch that is out of line with all of the others. Once you locate this switch, turn the switch off first and then turn it back on. If the outlet still isn’t working, try turning off the main breaker and turning it back on. Don’t forget to keep a flashlight nearby so you’re not working in the dark.

CFGI Outlets – Some outlets are made with a ground fault circuit interrupter (CFGI). These are the outlets with ‘test’ and ‘reset’ buttons located directly on the outlet. CFGI outlets are designed to sense leaks in the electrical current and trips to shut off the power. Try pressing the test and reset buttons in order to turn the power back on to these outlets.

Loose Wires – The problem to a dead outlet could also be a result of a wire that has come loose from a wire connector. Pull on each wire connected to the wire connector to see if any are loose. If there is a wire loose, remove the wire connector and strip and cut the wires. Remember to follow the instructions on the wire connector container for the stripping length. After stripping the wires, collect the wires together and twist the new wire connector on.

Hopefully a dead outlet problem won’t happen to you but now you have some tips to follow before you call for professional help. If after you try all of these suggestions and nothing works, Gillece is available 24/7 because we understand emergencies can happen outside of regular business hours.