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Backup Generator

Gilley says, “The Super Bowl blackout left us all in the dark, but a backup generator restores power- in just ten seconds!”

Gilley was one of many football fans across the country watching the Super Bowl on Sunday, anxiously awaiting the game’s final outcome. Then suddenly, the lights went out. It wasn’t at Gilley’s house where snow had been falling outside all day, and it wasn’t because Gilley had one too many cups of Parrot Punch. Something happened at the Superdome in New Orleans, and millions of people were left hanging for a lengthy thirty minutes before power was restored. That meant no football, no lights, and virtually no explanations. Missing thirty minutes of the game seems bad enough if the power goes out unexpectedly at your house, but in this case, thirty minutes without electricity at the site of the game itself was 1,790 seconds too long!

A backup generator is a high-powered piece of equipment designed to keep electricity flowing no matter what. When electrical loss is detected, the backup generator activates within ten seconds, automatically. While it’s designed to prevent things like the power going out at home during a fanatical Super Bowl party, not many would’ve guessed that they had more to worry about from the football stadium than their own neighborhood.

Either way, Gillece provides and installs backup generators that offer a wide range of prevention and protection for your home. It could mean avoiding missing a great play in the middle of an important game or any second of your favorite TV show. In other cases, backup generators provide protection from prolonged power outages, especially during severe weather. They keep heat or air conditioning running and all of the important parts of a home functioning. Backup generators are there to keep things flowing and to avoid interruptions- such as a thirty-minute delay in one of the most watched televised events in the country.