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April Showers Bring Drain Problems

April showers bring May flowers?  That might be right, but April showers can also bring drain problems.  Being the city with three rivers, we all know that an overabundance of rain can cause our local rivers and streams to overflow.  So before we can even sit back and enjoy May’s flowers, many people have to worry about the results of this spring’s rain and how it can cause drain problems.

Puddles, mucky areas and standing water are just some of the issues that happen with drainage problems and excess rain.  Now is the perfect time to fix these concerns before they turn into a bigger problem.  The good news is Gillece Services has the answer for you and your home.  The most suitable option for your Pittsburgh home depends on water flow, potential water problems and construction details.

If you have a clogged sewer, your drains will all run slowly.  In order to fix the clogs, you must know where they come from.  A common cause of sewer clogs is heavy rain.  The line can be clogged with waste or debris that can occur after a heavy rain storm.  Another cause of home sewer backups is tree roots.  They can grow into the pipes and cause holes and blockages.  A broken or collapsed sewer line can also cause backup.  When our technicians come to your home, they have a variety of tools available to clear these blockages including high-quality cameras, monitors, and locations.  These devices work to locate, identify, and view drain and sewer line problems to fix them.

Another solution that might be perfect for your home is waterproofing.  French drains are usually used to prevent ground and surface water from damaging building foundations.  They can also be used to distribute water and redirect it away from an area.  French drains are a great option for new construction and require little to no maintenance once installed.  A trench is filled with gravel or rock with a pipe that redirects surface water and groundwater to an appropriate location.

No matter what your problem is, we’re here to help! Now when it’s raining, you can really look forward to the flowers that May will hopefully bring without worrying about the potential damage it could have on your home.  Do you want to enjoy May without worrying about the consequences that April’s rain had on your home?  Call Gillece today to learn more at (412) 831-6199!