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American Flag Flying Over Gillece

Gilley says, “Ever wondered what’s happening with the American flag flying over Gillece? Now you can find out exclusively on Gillece.com!”

Giant US flag flown at Gillece Services Bridgeville headquarters Since Gillece Services relocated to Bridgeville in 2010 and took over the American flag that had originally flown at the Burgunder Dodge dealership, we’ve found that many people are invested in the flag and truly care about its wellbeing. After all, it’s the flag that can’t be missed because it flies over a hundred feet in the air and measures at 1800 square feet. The flag has become a signature symbol outside of Pittsburgh and is one of the biggest flags in the area. Now, in response to so much interest and questions about the flag, Gillece is adding a new flag section to the website’s homepage. The status of the flag will be updated on a daily basis and members of the community can request to have the flag flown at half-staff for local soldiers and veterans who have passed away. We’ll also create a blog post for the flag’s current status to let our customers, neighbors, and others in the Pittsburgh region know where the flag flies and why. It’s one way for us to answer the questions people often have and to bring more awareness to the flag that we have always been proud of.

With the new flag section on Gillece.com, you can see when the flag flies according to national statuses or local requests, and you can make a request of your own to honor a fallen veteran. If you pass by the American flag here at Gillece on a regular basis or have a general interest in it and want to know more about it, then our new status page will be the place for you to v