HVAC Filter Replacement Services in Pittsburgh

Extend the life of your HVAC system with scheduled filter replacement from Gillece Services.

Your HVAC unit depends on a combination of filters to remove moisture, dust, and other contaminants from incoming air. If you neglect to replace your furnace or AC filters, your indoor air quality and HVAC system’s efficiency will suffer.

Like most homeowners, you have no shortage of things to worry about—check changing your air conditioner and furnace filters off the list. Depend on our reliable team of experienced HVAC contractors at Gillece Services for filter replacement and heating and cooling system maintenance in Pittsburg, PA. We offer fair, flat-rate pricing and customized options to fit your budget.

If your HVAC system’s filters just aren’t cutting it, check out our air filtration system installation options.

The Dangers of Clogged and Dirty Filters

While at first, it may not seem essential, a dirty AC, furnace, or heater filter can impact you more than you likely expect. Not changing your HVAC filter at the proper time comes with a long list of consequences. A dirty filter can:

  • Reduce indoor air quality
  • Accumulate more dust around your house
  • Prevent proper airflow in your HVAC system
  • Affect HVAC system performance
  • Reduce your system’s useful life
  • Increase your monthly utility bills

If changing your AC and heater filter is not something you’ll remember to do, our team at Gillece Services is here to save the day. We offer quick and efficient AC and furnace filter installation and replacement services.

How Often Do You Need to Change Your AC and Furnace Filter?

While certain factors, such as whether you have pets or allergies, can affect how frequently you should change your air filters, a good general guideline is every six months. If you have pets in your home, you may want to bump that up to every two-three months, whereas if you or someone from your family has allergies, once a month may be ideal.

For the sake of your HVAC system, every six months is typically fine, but if you wake up feeling stuffy or notice an increase in the dust around the house, you may want to increase your replacement frequency.

We’re happy to provide you with a thorough analysis of your system’s needs and recommend an appropriate replacement schedule.

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Signs Your Heating or Cooling System Needs a New Filter

While waking up stuffy and noticing more dust is one way to gauge whether you need to replace your furnace or AC filter, there are signs that you should never ignore, as they indicate your HVAC filters may be clogged and could damage your system or even cause a fire.

  • Burning smells when your furnace comes on or a mold-like smell around the unit
  • Frequent cycling or a sudden drop in performance
  • Sudden unexplained utility bill increases
  • Weird noises during operation

Don’t let dirty air circulate in your home. Call Gillece Services at 412-831-6199 for top-notch AC and furnace filter replacement in Pittsburgh, PA.