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Advantages of Using a Sump Pump

Advantage of using a sump pump When heavy rain comes down, you might find yourself at risk for a flooded basement and serious damage. Or, groundwater may always seem to find a way through your foundation, creating damp spots and a moist environment. Whatever the case, out-of-place water in your home has a number of negative side effects, from ruining your belongings to increasing the chance of mold growth. If you’ve dealt with unwanted water entry before, a sump pump may be an effective way to manage water for the future.

How Sump Pumps Work
An area of your basement floor, usually the lowest-lying part, is jackhammered to create a sump pit.A sump pump is installed within the pit, and a pipe runs from the pump to a designated location outside of your home where water can drain a safe distance away from the foundation.

Using existing electricity, sump pumps activate automatically when the pit fills with water. Back-up power sources are often included in the case of a power outage.

Sump Pumps for Water Management
Considered an interior waterproofing method, a sump pump is less invasive than other methods such as a French drain. Sump pumps aim to manage or control water problems that have already occurred rather than to prevent them altogether.  A combination of a French drain and a sump pump is sometimes used, but a sump pump can often take care of common basement water problems on its own. The first step to choosing an appropriate waterproofing system is to identify all sources of unwanted water entry in your home. A Waterproofing Specialist can conduct a full inspection of your home to determine specific problem areas and the best solution.

Sump Pump Advantages

  • Maintain the condition and property value of your home
  • Maintain structural integrity of foundation
  • Control humidity/moisture and related side effects
  • Prevent damage to walls, furniture, personal belongings, etc.
  • Prevent metal objects and structures from rusting or corroding
  • Keep your home dry, safe, and comfortable