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Add an Industrial Theme to Your Home With Plumbing Fittings

Industrial theme home decor Industrial home décor is becoming more and more popular. Stores are exploding with industrial furniture, lighting and clocks. As much as you might want that industrial cart themed coffee table at your favorite store, your wallet might very well disagree with your good taste. Not only is the price high on these products, often times, they are cheaply made. With a little creativity and a visit to your local hardware store, you can get the industrial theme you want in your home today! Check out this simple DIY industrial shelf idea to easily achieve the theme you want in your home.

Instead of opting for floating shelves, make your own shelves by using wood and galvanized pipe fittings.

What you need: For two shelves both three feet long, you need two pieces of wood and four of the following: ¾” floor flange, ¾” x 6” nipple and ¾” cap.

Step 1: Make sure your wood is no more than 5 inches thick and cut two pieces to 3 feet in length. If desired, stain the wood to your preferred color.

Step 2: Feel free to spray paint the pipe fittings to your preference as well. However, if you’re trying to achieve the industrial look, you’ll either leave them galvanized or spray paint them a darker grey or black.

Step 3: You’ll be using two floor flanges to hang each shelf. Using a level and a tape measure, figure out where you want to place your shelves. Measure 3 feet on each side and place a mark with a pencil. Come in three inches from the mark you made, and make another mark, this is where you’ll place the floor flanges.

Step 4: Once you have your four marks, using nails or screws, attach the floor flanges to the wall. Once you’ve done this the rest is easy!

Step 5: Screw the cap onto the one side of each nipple and then screw the other end of the nipple into the floor flange on the wall.

Step 6: Finally, place the wood on each set of plumbing fixtures. Now you have a great accent piece you can place photos, candles and other décor while adding an industrialized feel to your space!