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A New Year’s Eve to Remember

It is difficult to go out for New Year’s Eve when you can’t find a baby sitter or you don’t want to keep your little ones up past midnight. But don’t let these reasons stop you and your family from having your own special New Year’s Eve party at home.

PJ Party – Making your New Year’s Eve party a pajama party will be something both you and your children will enjoy. Your children get to wear their favorite PJs and you get to enjoy not wearing those heels or necktie all night like at last year’s party. To make it even more fun, buy matching pajama’s and take a family photo to capture the moment of the fun night.

Games – Any game you enjoy playing as a family is a great way to spend New Year’s Eve. Rock out together with Guitar Hero or roll on the floor laughing with Apples to Apples. This night is about spending time with the people you love – any game will be fun because it’s with your favorite group of people.

Movie Night – Don’t forget about your favorite Christmas and New Year’s Eve movies! Christmas was less than a week ago so it is definitely ok to still watch Christmas movies. Grab some popcorn and pop in “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, “Home Alone” or “New Year’s Eve”.

New Year’s Fort – Building a fort was fun at 6-years-old and it is still fun at 40-years-old, it’s just a little more difficult to get up out of now. Use chairs, couch cushions, blankets, pillows and sheets to create an amazing fort for the evening. You can play games in the fort and watch movies from inside it. This fun activity will get you working as a family to create it and have fun while doing so.

The countdown – Make the countdown to 2016 as exciting and special as you can for your family. This can be done with confetti poppers or if you want to avoid the mess opt for noise makers and fun New Year’s themed hats and glasses. Let your children drink sparkling grape juice out of plastic champagne glasses to celebrate the New Year.

No matter how you decide to celebrate New Year’s Eve as a family, enjoy ringing in 2016 with the people you love most.