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5 Uncommon Ways to Effectively Clean Your Toilet

Coca cola - Effectively clean your toilet You don’t need expensive harmful chemicals to help keep your toilet clean. There are many things in your home you aren’t even aware of that you can use to clean your toilet, even some that are found in your refrigerator.

Give these common household items a shot and maintain a clean chemical free toilet.

Pumice Stone to Remove RustOver time, ugly rust can form on the inside of your toilet. Eliminate these rust stains by simply using a pumice stone and some elbow grease. Avoid scrubbing at the rust, use long even strokes and be sure to keep both stone and toilet wet to prevent scratching the porcelain.

Coca-Cola to Remove StainsPour an entire can of Coca-Cola around the entire porcelain of your toilet, avoid pouring it directly into the water. Allow it to sit for an entire hour, this gives time for the acid in the soda to loosen the stains. After an hour, use a toilet brush to do some scrubbing. When finished, flush the toilet and most of your heavy duty rust stains should be gone.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Vinegar SanitizerPour a ½ cup of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar around the rim of the toilet bowel and let it sit for an hour. The hydrogen peroxide and vinegar are natural cleaning agents and will kill any bacteria lingering in your toilet.

Baking Soda CleanerIf you’re making the switch from common toilet bowl cleaner, simply switch to using baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda all over the porcelain of the bowl and use a toilet bowl brush for scrubbing. You’ll be surprised how white and clean the bowl will look after.