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2017 Spring Maintenance Checklist by Gillece

Spring maintenance

Spring is finally here! But before you jump to putting in a bed of fresh flowers or jetting out to the baseball field, don’t neglect your home and get started on this spring maintenance checklist.

Summer ToolsIf you didn’t get to do it at the beginning of fall, you’ll definitely want to inspect all of your summer outdoor lawn equipment and tools. There’s nothing worse than getting ready to trim your hedges and finding out your clippers aren’t working.

GuttersSnow and ice can wear on your gutters during the winter season. Odds are you’ll need to make some repairs in the spring. Clean out all leaves and branches that made their way into your gutters over the last few months, doing this will prevent blockages in your gutters and downspouts during the heavy and frequent rains of spring.

RoofWinter weather causes great wear and tear on your roof, especially if you have shingles. The best time to inspect your roof for damages is at the beginning of the spring – you don’t want to have any leaks in your ceiling during the heavy rains.

A/C Tune-UpSpring is the best time to have your annual air conditioning inspected and tuned up if necessary. There are usually great discounts when you have your unit inspected this early!

Decks and PorchesWood doesn’t last forever, especially when it’s been covered with snow and ice all winter long. If the wood on your deck and porch has begun to rot, the heavy rains of spring will only make its poor condition worse. Inspect your deck and porch for rotting and make repairs now before they get worse.