Water Conditioning

Quit putting up with hard water and its damaging effects.  Gillece gives you a reason no longer to! 

Gillece can get rid of your hard water problems today with a water conditioning system.

Do you have hard water?

If hard water is bringing you or your home down, soften it!  The effects of hard water can be vast and unpleasant, from soap scum and hard water scales to bad taste and odor. Minerals in hard water can combine with other compounds to create impurities that leave your home with unnecessary stains and unpleasant side effects.  Hard water can also decrease the performance of cleansing products because it has trouble mixing with soap in order to lather.  This means more time spent on cleaning and insufficient cleaning, at that.  Conditioned water from a water conditioning system can increase the performance of products and appliances and help to improve the quality of everything you use with water- your dishes, clothes, hair, skin, and more!

Hard water vs. conditioned water

Hard water can contain high levels of dissolved minerals, including magnesium and iron, which water conditioning systems helps to neutralize. When the presence of minerals is reduced, you are left with little to no side effects. Plus, the life of your appliances and products is prolonged, including saving money on costly repairs or replacement.

Water conditioning helps to promote healthier and softer skin through water softening.  Your clothes will be left brighter, softer, and will generally hold up better and longer.  Your shower and bath will be left practically spotless- no tub rings!  Your hair will become shinier and more manageable.  You’ll also save time and money, as soaps and detergents will lather up and rinse out properly.  Dishes will no longer have those embarrassing soap scum spots and will appear cleaner.  Even the efficiency of your water heater and other appliances will be better maintained. Many water heaters require softened water to work properly, and without it, their efficiency can decrease and they may experience premature problems. Scale build-up can also clog pipes and decrease water flow, eventually leading to pipe replacement. With water softening, you don’t have to worry about scale build-up and its negative effects.

Gillece Water Quality Specialists are trained at assessing the condition of your home’s water with a Water Quality Inspection and offer the right solution for you, your family, and your home.  Our state-of-the-art water softening systems work to provide soft, conditioned water throughout your home by removing undesirable and damaging minerals.

What can you do?

Water conditioners recommended, installed, and serviced by Gillece “soften” the water that runs throughout your home by treating it to remove minerals that can create a number of undesirable circumstances.  So, why put up with hard water and its time-wasting, money-losing effects?  Let Gillece help today!