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Service Areas


    • Pittsburgh Plumbing
      Gillece is the most trusted and referred plumbing company in Pittsburgh, providing expert home services to seven major counties with 24/7 availability. We specialize in all of a home’s plumbing needs including drain and sewer services, gas and water line repairs, water heater installation, dye testing, and much more.
    • Drain and Sewer
      Gillece provides trusted Pittsburgh drain and sewer services for clearing clogs and getting rid of backup. With industry leading tools and technology, we can get to the bottom of any sewer or drain problem.
    • Water Heaters
      Gillece repairs, maintains, and installs water heaters for providing your home with the most reliable hot water possible. We also provide tankless water heaters for energy efficiency and convenience.
    • Gas and Water Pipelines
      Gas line leaks and water line breaks may require repair and other important work from a Gillece plumber. Gillece Plumbers are Department of Transportation certified to work on residential gas lines and are there for your gas and water pipeline needs.
    • Pittsburgh Sewer Repairs
      Pittsburgh sewer repair services are essential to get your drains and sewer lines cleaned, unclogged, and flow-ready. Gillece gets to the bottom of sewer problems and repairs sewer lines.
    • Pittsburgh Drain Repairs
      Gillece Pittsburgh Drain Repair clears out drains that are clogged with everyday elements or more complex obstructions through clog-crushing power. Gillece will snake your drain or flush out your pipes to repair you drain problem.
    • Toilet Repair Services
      Clogged, leaking, and backed-up toilets are no match for Gillece Toilet Repair Services. We tackle toilet problems to get your bathroom back in working order.
    • Sewer Cleaning
      Clogged sinks and toilets may require sewer cleaning from Gillece Services Pittsburgh. Using only the most effective sewer cleaning methods available, Gillece alleviates sewer and drain clogs, odor, and backup.
    • Dye Test in Pittsburgh
      Gillece can perform a Dye Test in Pittsburgh to make sure the water on your property does not reach the sanitary sewer system. A Gillece Plumber can perform the dye test and assist with any corrective action.


    • Heating Maintenance and Repairs
      Gillece Heating provides fast and efficient maintenance and repair to get your heating system operating as normal. For furnaces, heat pumps, boilers, and thermostats, Gillece addresses a variety of problems with the best solution for you.
    • Furnaces
      Gillece Heating services furnaces with safety inspections, troubleshooting, and repair and replacement options for safe and sufficient heat in your home.
    • Heat Pumps
      Heat pumps may require maintenance and repair from a Gillece Heating Technician. Gillece checks heat pumps for common problems that could keep them from working properly.
    • Boilers
      Gillece Heating offers boiler repair, installation, maintenance and replacement options for providing your home with the best heat source possible.
    • Thermostats
      Some heating issues stem from the thermostat rather than the heating system itself. Gillece Heating troubleshoots and repairs common thermostat problems.
    • Heat Pump Repair
      A malfunctioning heat pump requires expert, efficient repair from a Gillece HVAC Technician. We offer annual inspections for prevention and troubleshooting to identify heat pump problems.


    • Pittsburgh Air Conditioning Repairs
      Pittsburgh Air Conditioning Repairs from Gillece Cooling address A/C problems that keep your home from getting cool or staying at a comfortable temperature.
    • Heat Pumps
      Heat pumps for cooling may need maintenance or repair services by a qualified Gillece Cooling Technician to address common or complex heat pump problems.
    • Thermostats
      Gillece addresses thermostat issues that may keep cooling systems from turning on or operating normally. We also provide programmable thermostats to help you save energy and money on cooling costs.


    • Home Generators
      Gillece provides and installs backup home generators that turn on automatically in the event of a power outage to keep your home going and electricity flowing as normal.
    • Electrical Repair Services
      Faulty or dangerous electrical connections could need repair from Gillece Electrical Repair Services. We offer repair and replacement options for outlets, switches, wall plates, wiring, and more.
    • Generator Repair
      Backup generators that keep the power on in your home may experience problems of their own. Gillece Generator Repair Services addresses generator problems to keep the lights on.
    • Pittsburgh Electricians
      Gillece Pittsburgh Electricians are licensed, experienced and skill-certified to work on all of your home’s electrical needs- emergency, maintenance, repair or replacement. They are the expert electricians in Pittsburgh you can trust.

Indoor Air Quality

    • Why Clean Air
      Learn the dangers of indoor air pollution and solutions from Gillece Indoor Air Quality that can benefit your home and family.
    • Humidifiers
      Gillece Humidifiers can help to improve the quality of your home’s environment through added comfort and decreased health effects often caused by dry air.
    • Air Filtration Systems
      Air Filtration Systems provided and installed by Gillece help to reduce airborne contaminants and to improve indoor air quality throughout your home. Learn which systems are available and best for you and your family.
    • Air Purifiers
      Gillece installs Air Purifiers that work with your home’s ductwork to neutralize bacteria and germs. Ask yourself our list of questions to see if an Air Purifier is right for you.
    • Pittsburgh Duct Cleaning
      Dirty air ducts could contribute to poor indoor air quality and heating and cooling issues. Gillece Pittsburgh Duct Cleaning gets rid of pollutants and has a number of added benefits for your home.

Water Conditioning

    • Water Quality
      Water quality in your home may be affected by chemicals and minerals that come through the tap. Learn the signs and solutions from Gillece Water Quality Services.
    • Why Safe Water
      Gillece knows the importance of having safe water throughout your home to protect your health and water-using appliances. Learn why your water should be safe through Gillece Water Conditioning and Filtration Systems.
    • Water Conditioning
      Gillece provides Water Conditioning to soften hard water that affects the way you clean your home, your clothes, and yourself. Water Conditioning neutralizes minerals and compounds to improve water quality.
    • Home Water Filtration
      Drinking water may be contaminated with thousands of chemicals; Gillece Home Water Filtration eliminates chemicals to deliver clean, safe, great-tasting water throughout your home.


    • Pittsburgh Waterproofing
      Waterproofing may be necessary to protect your home from devastating water damage. Gillece provides the Pittsburgh Waterproofing systems you need to keep water out of your home.
    • Free Waterproofing Estimate
      Gillece can conduct a Free Waterproofing Estimate to determine where water is a problem inside or outside of your home. Learn more about the estimate and how you can schedule yours for free today.


    • Specials Overview
      Gillece Specials help you to save money on maintenance and repairs that you need the most. We provide specials related to the season as well as other year-round home services.
    • Air Conditioning Diagnosis Special
      Gillece’s Air Conditioning Diagnosis gets to the bottom of your cooling problem. Our A/C Diagnosis includes problem diagnosis, inspection, explanation, and repair options at a low cost.
    • Plumbing Diagnosis
      Get your Plumbing Diagnosis from Gillece for plumbing problem troubleshooting, repair recommendations, and post-diagnosis consultation. We provide No-Panic Plumbing at a special low price.
    • Gilley’s Seasonal Start-up AC Check
      Before warm months arrive, Gilley’s Seasonal Start-up A/C Check assures that your air conditioner can safely and efficiently cool down your home.
    • Drain Cleaning
      Gillece provides Drain Cleaning to crush clogs and backup and to clear out your drains. Learn more about the drain cleaning special and applied restrictions.
    • Furnace Check
      Gillece Services’ Furnace Safety Check ensures the safe operation of your furnace before heating season arrives.
    • Outlet Replacement
      Gillece will replace any ten outlets or switches for $99. Learn more about the outlet replacement special and restrictions that may apply.
    • Generator Install
      Gillece can install a home generator for a low cost per month. Backup generators provide automatic power to your home whenever electricity loss is detected.
    • Gillece Coupons
      Gillece Coupons may be available to customers on certain specials and offers for maintenance, inspections, repairs, and other important home services.

About the Company

Why Gillece

    • Why Us Overview
      Trusted service, experienced technicians, and 24/7 availability make Gillece the company homeowners continue to turn to for all of their home service needs- emergency, maintenance, repair and replacement.
    • 24/7 Availability
      Gillece is always open- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. You can call us even during nights, weekends, and holidays because we never close.
    • Gillece Gold Club Membership
      Our Gold Club Membership gives you priority and peace of mind as a top Gillece customer with a number of free services to choose from. Learn more about the advantages of becoming a Gold Club Member today.

About Us

    • Company
      Built on Trust, Ambition, and Compassion, Gillece Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electrical has been in business for over 30 years. We aim to provide strong customer service and a team-oriented work ethic through each of the services that we offer to you.
    • Areas We Serve
      Gillece provides services to seven major counties in Western Pennsylvania. Learn more about the areas we serve and see if we service your neighborhood.


    • Financing Made Affordable
      Gillece Services’ Fast, Friendly Financing gives you options to complete work on your home without breaking your budget. Financing made affordable means you don’t have to postpone fixing your home.


    • Gillece Reviews
      Read customers’ reviews of their personal Gillece experience from comment cards, video testimonials, and our Gillece Reviews website.

Top Technology

    • Technology Overview
      With access to the latest technology in the industry and expert knowledge on how to use state-of-the-art tools, Gillece Technicians can provide the best service for your home.
    • Infrared Camera Technology
      When your furnace is due for an inspection or when an issue arises, it’s important for your HVAC Technician to be able to see exactly what is happening within the heat exchanger.
    • Pipe Stent Technology
      When it comes to repairing a sewer line problem, traditional digging typically takes a lot of time and work to reach the pipe underground, which also means destruction of your property.
    • Thermal Imaging
      Thermal Imaging is used by electricians to prevent or troubleshoot problems in electrical systems, by seeing otherwise invisible heat patterns.

Gillece Protests

    • Gillece Protests the Use of Chemicals to Treat Water
      Gillece Water Quality Services strives to provide homeowners with safe water and therefore protests the use of chemicals to treat water. Learn more about this protest and water quality improvement solutions.
    • Gillece Protests Unwanted Water Entry
      Gillece protests unwanted water entry, which can ruin a home and personal belongings. Waterproofing could be the answer to stopping unwanted water entry for good.

Customer Reviews


    • Careers Overview
      See what it’s like to work at Gillece and what a career with us can offer you.
    • Current Opportunities
      Gillece is always accepting applications and looking for skilled people to join our team. Learn more about current opportunities at Gillece and potential benefits.
    • Apply Now
      Interested in a position at Gillece? You can apply online any time for your convenience.

Blog Articles

    • Blog
      Gilley has a lot to say in our company blog. Read what’s new and interesting at Gillece and take advice from Gilley through the Gillece Services Blog.