Pittsburgh Home Generators

What Do You Do When The Lights Go Out?

Nothing stops your plans like the sudden loss of electricity.  Whether it’s the result of Mother Nature, a car-to-pole accident, or unannounced electric company repairs, a sudden power outage can bring life to a virtual standstill.  What happens in your home when the lights go out?  What if Gillece Services told you that you never had to lose electricity again… all without lifting a finger? It’s true- Gillece Services Pittsburgh Electricians have the knowledge and capability needed to install and service top-quality residential power generators.

So, forget the forecast; Gillece has got you covered!  Keep the game on, the coffee brewing, the laundry washing…whatever the weather is doing, it doesn’t matter! At the very first sign of a power outage, a Gillece generator will quickly and quietly take over.

Does Gillece Offer Generators And Installation?

Our quick, efficient, and quietly electricity-generating systems mean you never ever have to experience the loss of electricity again.  And, Gillece generators are special-ordered- tailored to meet the specific needs of your household.  Powered with natural gas, our generators activate automatically within 10 seconds of a power loss and can run for weeks on end.  They are reliable and award-winning, restore power within seconds, provide a powerful performance, are corrosion proof and self-testing, and supply a hands-off operation… so, you never have to lift a finger to make them work.

Top quality generators and capable installation services make for your home’s perfect “lights-out” emergency back-up plan:

Our Pittsburgh Generators are:

  • Reliable and Award-Winning
  • Restore Power in Seconds
  • Powerful Performance
  • Corrosion-Proof
  • Self-Testing
  • Hands-off Operation

Why Would You Trust Anyone Other Than a Gillece Skill-Certified Electrician?

Gillece Electrical Technicians have the capability to install and service top-quality home power generators. Our Electricians are talented, friendly, and considerate- people we would comfortably welcome into our homes. They are experienced, trained, certified, licensed, drug-screened, and background-checked. Once at your home, your Gillece Electrician will ask your permission for entry into your home after checking to see if his vehicle is parked out of the way, and he has put on his shoe booties to protect your flooring or carpeting from mud and debris. He will appear in his Gillece uniform and identify himself with his Gillece ID badge.

A Gillece Electrician has a tremendous amount of respect for you, your home, and your family and will treat your home as if it were his own.  He will review his plan for the appointment, gather information and answer your questions, and then offer solutions for repair and replacement, as well as pricing options, once he has thoroughly assessed the situation and found the root of the problem.