Maintenance & Repairs

Every one of us deserves a warm, cozy, comfortable place to come home to during bitter cold winter months, as well as during chilly seasonal weather. Having a temperature controlled climate indoors may be important for conducting daily activities, but more so for keeping us physically safe and healthy. Sufficient heating when temperatures drop is especially vital to the health and wellbeing of elderly adults, young children, and pets, who are all more vulnerable to effects associated with heat loss. As you may already know, lack of heat in extreme cases can lead to hypothermia and other more serious issues, including fatality.

The Heating Repair & Maintenance You Need

Properly heating our environment can often lead to a variety of repairs and may require maintenance services. Gillece Services has been heating the Pittsburgh region for over 30 years. We provide you with state-of-the art equipment and parts and only the highest standards of professional service. You will feel confident that when you experience a problem with a heating source, it will be solved quickly, effectively, and affordably… guaranteed!

24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, Including Holidays

Gillece’s trained and skill-certified HVAC Heating Technicians are available and committed to making sure that no matter what heating system you have, it is always working safely and efficiently so that you experience 100% worry-free comfort and security. We also guarantee to help you find the right, brand new heating system for your needs and budget, should the occasion arise.

When should I call for a professional Gillece HVAC Heating Technician?

• When my home is cold even though the heat is on
• When my heat is not coming on
• When my heat is blowing cold air
• When my pilot light won’t light
• When my heat is constantly running
• When I smell a burning smell when turning on heat
• When I smell gas when turning on heat
• When I hear strange noises while using heat
• When my heat kicks on but won’t stay on
• When my gas light lights but my igniters won’t light
• When my thermostat may not be working

How can I take a proactive approach to prevent heating problems?

You can’t control every situation that might occur with your furnace, heat pump, water heater, etc., but you can most certainly take a proactive approach with Gillece Services to ward off unanticipated heating-related problems in order to keep your environment warm and safe. Having your unit inspected at least once a year and keeping up with routine maintenance can help to prevent problems that may have otherwise been detected.

Pittsburgh HVAC Maintenance and Repair

When it comes to emergency situations, or even less serious heating problems, you need Pittsburgh HVAC Maintenance and Repair service’s that you can rely on. Gillece HVAC Technicians can provide fast and efficient repair options to get your home warm again and your unit operating as normal. Maintenance and repair applies to any kind of heating unit you may have and also includes ventilation services. For your furnace, heat pump, boiler, ductwork, thermostat, etc., Gillece can remedy a variety of problems and offer you the best solution.

If your heat is working but warm air is unevenly distributed or poorly flowing, ventilation may be the issue. Gillece HVAC Technicians can work on ductwork problems and also provide Indoor Air Quality products and services. Proper ventilation helps to deliver adequate heat to your home and to control indoor air quality. You may also want to check the air filter in your heating unit, which may be causing a problem if it is dirty or working inefficiently. For heating, ventilation, and more, you and your home need Pittsburgh HVAC Maintenance and Repair.

Gillece Heating Technicians are available to conduct a proactive 18-Point Furnace Check, which includes:

• Blower Motor Amp Draw
• Inducer Motor Amp Draw
• Igniter Check
• Capacitor Check
• Infrared Heat Exchange Inspection

Should your Gillece Heating Technician determine that your unit needs repair services, a review of multiple options for repair or potential replacement will be provided.