Gillece Heat Pump Repair Services

Heat pumps are built to provide high efficiency, comfort, and performance. They are uniquely  designed to be reversible, working in either thermal direction to provide heating or cooling of the same conditioned environment.  When heating, heat pumps move heat from the cool outdoors into your warm house.  When cooling, heat pumps move heat from your cool house into the warm outdoors.  When these processes are hindered from working correctly, Gillece Heat Pump Repair Services are in order.

Just like any major household appliance, heat pump systems also require repair and maintenance.  Gillece Pittsburgh Heat Pump Repair Technicians can assist with little air flow; refrigerant problems; leaky or noisy ducts; grinding, rattling, or squeaking noises; if the circuit breaker trips when unit comes on; if the outside unit hums but fan does not run; if the outside fan runs but the compressor does not; if the heat pump freezes up with ice; if the outside unit runs constantly; if air temperature changes from room to room in a household; and more.  A Gillece HVAC Technician can also inspect and safety-check your heat pump about once a year to help to prevent future repairs.

Efficient Heat Pump Repairs in a Hurry

Gillece Services can be reached by a customer in a moment’s notice to assist with any repair.  All you have to do is make the call – “Call Gillece!”  Your phone call sets off a domino effect that prompts Gillece to set a goal to reach your home as soon as possible and at your convenience, getting your Heat Pump problem restored and your life back to normal.

After your initial call, Gillece Customer Service Specialists obtain and review all information secured from you prior to rushing your call back to the Gillece Operations Department.  From there, Gillece Operation Specialists strategically locate the most qualified Gillece Heat Pump Repair Technician within the closest proximity of your home to visit you during your requested time, or as soon as he is done with his current or next job, whichever may come first.

Remember, Gillece can be reached and will take your call, and will come to your home – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year; including evenings, weekends, and holidays.  All Gillece Heat Pump Repair Technicians are experienced, trained, certified, licensed, and background checked.

Heat Pump Repair No-Complaint Service Guarantee

At Gillece Services, our 100% No-Complaint Satisfaction Guarantee for Heat Pump Repairs means we guarantee that repairs on equipment are fixed right or the repair is free.*  If a repair fails during the related season, we will repair it again for free.*  At Gillece Services, what our customers think of us and their reviews mean everything, which is why we uphold our 100% No-Complaint Satisfaction Guarantee Policy with every service, repair, or replacement.  Nothing is more important to us than a customer’s happiness- we keep your home working for you!

*Restrictions apply.  Call for details.