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Gillece Can Help Allegheny And Other Local Counties

Gilley Says, “Gillece Can Help Allegheny And Other Local Counties With Chloramine-Treated Drinking Water.”

According to various water authorities, the way that Allegheny and Washington Counties’ water is being treated will begin changing for utility customers on March 19, 2012.  Gillece understands that water in these regions will begin being treated by chloramine (and not chlorine) in order to comply with more stringent Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency drinking water standards. Gillece knows that in theory, this is indeed a good idea as chlorine, which is currently being used to treat water, breaks down relatively quickly and reacts more frequently with other materials in water, producing unhealthy and unwanted disinfection byproducts.  However, Gillece also knows that chloramine is a compound containing that both chlorine and ammonia – and even though it is much more stable than chlorine in terms of break down – you certainly do not want to be drinking and absorbing chemicals as a substitution for byproducts.  Also, chloramine-treated water can actually be life-threatening to fish that are kept as pets.

Gillece advocates not substituting the “drinking of chemicals” for the “drinking of byproducts.” You don’t have to drink either – and there is something that you, a homeowner, can do.  Gillece can help – Call Gillece! A Gillece Water Quality Inspection by a Certified Gillece Plumbing Technicians will reveal potential issues with the water in your home that may be affecting the quality of your home’s water and its uses, as well as your very own health. Gillece offers a variety of water cleansing and conditioning systems to remove impurities, soften water, and much more. Our efficient and effective drinking filtration and water conditioning solutions make a noticeable improvement in the quality of your water at home. Out of all of the utilities you utilize, water is the only one you consume internally by drinking. Gillece asks – how safe is your water? You can protect your water from unwanted chemicals and protect your family from drinking them, and bathing in them for that matter. Don’t risk your health and your family’s well-being by overlooking your water quality. Call Gillece!