“Fast & Friendly Financing” Gets it Fixed!

Most of us have been in that situation where we run into something unexpected that requires our immediate attention as well as a portion of our budget we hadn’t planned for. Usually, this type of thing happens with our car or our home, neither of which can be put off until later. That’s why Gillece Services continues to offer Fast & Friendly Financing, for any home service and any size job you need help covering. With more than 30 years in the Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electrical, and Waterproofing businesses, we’ll be around to back up our financing plans.

Fast Application for Fast Results

Our Fast & Friendly Financing program is a quick and easy process.  The application results are available within a matter of minutes, right at your home. The approval process is handled by your Gillece Technician during your scheduled service appointment. First, you complete and sign a credit application for verification and approval. Then, your application is phoned in over a secure phone line for instant approval results. If approved, financing options including zero-interest programs, low monthly payments, and extended plans for your convenience.

Friendly Process

Your Gillece Technician will walk you through the entire financing process with a friendly helping hand. Every Gillece Technician and Field Supervisor is trained, ready, and equipped at any given moment to start the application process with you. Our goal is to get your repair complete and solve your problem as soon as possible for the comfort and security of you, your home, and your family. Once you are approved for financing and ready for your custom payment option, work can begin immediately to get your home back in working order.

Financing Made Affordable and Flexible

Gillece Services’ Fast & Friendly Financing offers affordable payment programs for credit-approved homeowners. We are proud to be Pittsburgh’s market leader in customer financing for Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electrical, and Waterproofing Services. We are equally proud of our relationships with top financial banking institutions that support our customers’ home repair needs. We continue to analyze and improve each of our financing plans however we can, recognizing that your needs as a homeowner are ongoing and ever-changing.

Fixed Repairs for Your Home

With financing options, home repairs or replacements can be fixed without hesitation.  Unexpected emergencies that arise are usually an immediate, unbudgeted necessity. And sometimes, home improvements can pop up that aren’t necessarily an emergency but something you are ready to do for your home. In any case, Gillece can help manage these situations as quickly as possible. Fast & Friendly Financing includes a selection of payment plans, one of which is certain to meet your immediate needs, no matter how big or small. Then, work can begin with the goal to leave your home better than it was before- without breaking the bank.