Gillece Customer Deborah is “Satisfied for Life!”

Gillece customer Deborah shared her experience in a letter about the excellent service she received from Gillece in May. Deborah had called Gillece in response to a television promotion after her basement laundry room had been frequently experiencing sewer problems. Deborah remarked that a nice Customer Service Representative answered her call and took her information. Then, she received a call from one of the Gillece Technicians, Mike, who would be coming to her home to assess her sewer problem.

Mike arrived at Deborah’s home with equipment in hand, including a sewer camera for seeing deep into the sewer line. He allowed Deborah to look through the sewer camera, as well, which Deborah said was the coolest thing she’d ever seen! However, Deborah was shocked, as she’d only expected a minor clog. Instead, the image showed cracks, breaks, and vines growing in the sewer line. Deborah said that Mike explained everything to her and made her feel better about the situation. Then, he sat down with her to go over her options for repair as well as the cost for each.

After learning her options, Deborah called her husband and explained what was happening. She put Mike on the phone to speak with her husband, too, and as Deborah put it, Mike was “awesome.” She said she felt like she and her husband were in good hands, that the process was understandable, and that Mike was very knowledgeable.

Once Deborah and her husband chose a repair plan and got approved for Gillece financing, work began. Another technician, Jeff, arrived at Deborah’s home along with his assistant. “They were wonderful,” Deborah said. She said they explained each step of the process along the way, and Deborah took pictures of their work.

Soon, work was complete and Deborah was left feeling satisfied and grateful for all Gillece did for her home. She praised Mike and Jeff for their work as well as the great customer service she’d received, and now she calls herself “a satisfied customer for life!”


Customer Teri wrote Gillece a personal letter to express her gratitude for work completed by technician Scott, who she described as an asset to the company.

“Scott came to my home in a timely manner after receiving my call about my continuously running pump. Scott was professional and considerate right from the start. He treated my home with respect, putting on “booties” any time he came from the outdoors. He ruled out many possibilities and worked to solve the problem. He made suggestions to remedy the problem and answered all of my questions and addressed my concerns. When my decision was made to dispose of the old softener, Scott carried the used items to my garage for easy disposal. Scott C. is truly an asset to your company. He even took the time to write me a thank you note wishing me well, that was an extremely thoughtful gesture. I would highly recommend this professional to a friend without hesitation.” –Teri H.


Gillece Services Made Customer “Feel Like She is Someone!”

Gillece Services helped customer Lois remedy her furnace problems in late March, but according to her, we did much more than that.  Having been disillusioned and frustrated by another heating and cooling company, Lois said she would not trade Gillece Services for the world now.  Her previous company was, in her words, “always busy- and I often had to wait for hours and hours, not knowing what was going on…”

In response to some television advertising, Lois had heard of Gillece Services, called one particular morning, and Gillece was out to her home within a couple of hours.  So pleased with her service, Lois called into Gillece Offices and exclaimed how great the Technicians were- how pleasant, conversational, courteous, nice, thorough, and helpful they were and had been.  She couldn’t get over how they had put on their shoe covers prior to coming into her home.  She told Gillece that we “best keep” these Technicians because they did such a great job.

For anything related to Plumbing, Cooling, Heating, and Electrical, Lois said she would be calling Gillece Services and no one else.  Her Technicians, according to her, “made me feel like someone….” by educating her and including her in their work and visit.  One Technician happily remarked about her budding outdoor garden, mentioning that his son likes onions.  Without hesitation, Lois went and picked some onions for the Tech to give to his son.

Lois says that Gillece is stuck with her now- she’s like family- and very happy.  Gillece Services is equally happy and proud to have her as a part of our customer family.

Gillece Services employs technicians who are talented, friendly, and considerate- people we would comfortably welcome into our homes. They are experienced, trained, certified, licensed, drug-screened, and background-checked. Once at your home, your Gillece Services Technician will ask your permission for entry into your home after checking to see if his vehicle is parked out of the way, and he has put on his shoe booties to protect your flooring or carpeting from mud and debris. He will appear in his Gillece uniform and identify himself with his Gillece ID badge. A Gillece Technician has a tremendous amount of respect for you, your home, and your family and will treat your home as if it were his own. Your Gillece Services Technician will review his plan for the appointment, gather information and answer your questions, and then offer solutions for repair and replacement, as well as pricing options, once he has thoroughly assessed the situation and found the root of the problem.


Customer Roy is “Impressed” with Gillece Services

Customer Roy called Gillece Services after being referred by a neighbor and learning about Gillece’s clog-clearing special. He was experiencing a clog in one of his bathroom sinks. Roy called Gillece and spoke to a Customer Service Representative who explained the details of the offer, which Roy thought was too good to be true. He scheduled a service and found out- it was true!

The sink in Roy’s powder room was clogged, and although he had tried, he could not clear it himself. Roy said he had some knowledge of how to use a snake, but when he and a friend tried to clear the clog, they had trouble. When Nick came to Roy’s home to work on his sink, he also used a snake- Gilley’s “Clog Crusher.” Roy said he likes to watch people work and to learn, and Nick didn’t mind at all.

Roy said that he was very impressed with Nick, who was friendly, efficient, and accommodating. He said that Nick made sure he didn’t make a mess, that he was a very neat worker and he went above and beyond with his service. Although it’s something people might expect from workers, Roy said not everyone who comes into your home is so conscientious about keeping things clean. Roy liked Nick’s style, personality, and the work he did. He said Nick was honest and overall a great representative of Gillece.

It turned out that the clog was relatively simple for Nick to clear. Roy said that he had been worried about accidentally breaking a pipe when he had tried snaking the clog himself, and he told Nick his concerns. Nick explained that after awhile he had gotten a feel for it and could tell if he was getting too close to the pipe.

Roy was really pleased with the overall experience and referred Gillece to one of his neighbors, too. He said he will definitely use Gillece again and will ask for Nick for any plumbing services he needs in the future!


Gillece Promise to Every Customer: