Not Just A Job.  A Successful Career.

Gillece has multiple openings for skilled trade jobs. These open positions include service plumbers, master plumbers, journeymen, plumber trainees, HVAC technicians, installers, trainees and electricians. While working for Gillece you will receive the opportunity to grow professionally and build a career. Gillece offers on-the-job technical training to all of its skilled trade professionals – promoting both professional and personal growth.

Current Job Openings

Plumbing | Heating | Cooling | Electrical

Consider Gillece

Currently partnering with 33 trade schools in Western PA, we are pursuing qualified candidates to fill 25 open technician positions.

The Gillece culture is founded on a set of core values that includes trust-based relationships, high ethical standards, a vision for a better future and a sense of purpose based on stellar service to our clients. Gillece promotes personal growth, overcoming challenges, accountability and fun among our valued employees.

Standards at Gillece Services

  • A culture of expertise and respect
  • Strong adherence to a code of ethics that ensures that hard work will be rewarded and superior customer service is a way of life.
  • An array of professional opportunities due to our range of brands served, service provided and large service area.

Competitive employment benefit offerings include these benefits:

  • Paid Vacations and Holidays – We know you enjoy time off and we want to give you the perfect work life balance.
  • Incentive Programs – Gillece understands the importance of being rewarded for hard work.
  • Service Vehicle/Tools Provided – There’s no need to buy tools or use your vehicle, Gillece will provide you with both!
  • Fully-Stocked Truck – Forget about making multiple trips, the Gillece truck will have everything you need to fix any problem.
  • Ongoing Training Programs – We encourage you to continue your education and knowledge in your field.
  • Company Uniform and Service – Don’t worry about ruining your clothes, we’ll provide you with a uniform and wash it for you too!
  • Company Phone – Gillece will provide you with a phone to contact customers and scope out the rout to your next job location.
  • iPad/Tablet – We want you to be as efficient at your job as possible, that includes the proper technology to make you job even easier.
  • Full Time – We’ll provide you with a full 40 hours per week.
  • Great Hourly Pay – Competing with our competitors, Gillece will offer you great compensation.
  • Flexible Scheduling – We’ll work with you to schedule around important dates.
  • Job Advancement Opportunities – Gillece wants you to succeed and offers the opportunity for you to excel in your field.
  • Company Gas Card – No need to use your own money or wait around for reimbursement, Gillece has got your gas covered!
  • Various health and dental insurance plans to choose from – We want our employees to stay healthy and feel secure.