What to Do If You Drop Your Ring Down a Drain

removing the j-bend

Dropping your ring down the drain can be a terrifying anxiety filled experience. After your brain registers what has happened you most likely, scream, cry and panic. Before you begin clawing tirelessly at the drain, remain calm and follow these important instructions below to retrieve your wedding ring.

Stop the Water – Immediately stop the flow of water and do not run anymore water down the drain. It is likely your ring is in the J-Bend of the P-Trap of the sink and water will only push it further down the drain making it more difficult to reach.

Bucket – Place a bucket underneath the J-Bend, this is the curved part of the sink that looks like a J. This is to prevent a mess from the water that will spill out after you open the drain.

Remove the Slip Nut – Unscrew the slip nut on the J-Bend, the end that is coming from the sink, then unscrew the second slip nut. Be ready because once both nuts have been loosened, the J-Bend will be able to be removed. Once removed, you can search for your ring in the water in the bucket or bowl.

You will not need any tools unless your sink is very old and needs to be removed with a wrench. If this is the case you should call a plumber to prevent any damage from happening to your pipes.

Replace the J-Bend – Once you’ve retrieved your ring, replace the j-bend by screwing the slip nuts in place.

Call a Plumber – If you have any difficulty with this process, call a licensed and certified plumber. Even if you completed all of the steps and your ring was not in the water, a plumber will have more tools and knowledge to be able to find your wedding ring.

Knowing and understanding the basics of plumbing is a smart idea. You’re now prepared for this kind of plumbing emergency, but it’s important to be prepared for any plumbing problem. Be sure to check out our plumbing emergency kit infographic so you will be prepared for anything.