Gillece Services $1,5000 Instant Rebate and AC Tune-Up Specials

AC Tune-UP Special

The worst time to find out your air conditioner isn’t working is during the hot and humid summer. An AC tune-up by Gillece Services will keep your AC working properly all summer long!

All air conditioning units should be yearly inspected; a yearly checkup will increase the lifespan of your unit. During the tune-up, a certified and licensed HVAC technician will thoroughly inspect your unit, checking it for any minor or major problems. A minor issue with your AC unit has the potential of turning into an expensive problem and could potentially ruin your air conditioner. The technicians at Gillece will make sure your unit is prepared and will last the summer months.

An AC tune-up will also improve the air quality of your home! With so many fun things to do over the summer, there is no time to be sick. Just think what could be lying around in your AC unit and how dirty the filter is after sitting unused all summer long. A quick tune-up will improve the air quality, keeping you and your family healthy this summer.

Not only will your unit last all summer and keep you and your family healthy, it’ll actually save you money! An air conditioner that isn’t working properly will raise your utility bill. An AC tune-up will ensure that your unit will be working properly and efficiently which can cut down on costs.

What are you waiting for? Schedule your AC tune-up today!

$1,500 Instant Rebate

Is your AC/Furnace 10 years or older? Are your utility bills unusually high? If so, you could be in great need of a new furnace and air conditioning system. Energy efficient units have a lot of benefits, benefits that you could be enjoying today!

With a high efficiency unit, you’ll experience a lower energy bill. You can reduce energy costs during the summer and winter months with a high efficiency furnace and air conditioner. Even if your system is 5-years-old, you could still be cutting costs by investing in a high efficiency unit! The higher the rating a furnace and AC unit has, the more energy efficient it is. With a more energy efficient furnace and ac unit, you’ll be keeping more money where it belongs, in your wallet!

Get $1,500 back and start saving today! Call Gillece!