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5 Reasons to Choose an Electric Water Heater Over Gas

Electric water heater Purchasing a new water heater can be extremely stressful, it’s expensive and there are so many different kinds. The first decision you must make is choosing between an electric water heater over a gas water heater. Most people tend to choose gas over an electric water heater because, in the long run, they tend to be more energy efficient which makes them more cost-effective. However, that isn’t still the case and there are now several reasons why you should really be considering purchasing an electric water heater.

Safety - Gas water heaters are responsible for causing 7 percent of home fires. When gas is used in your home, there is always the potential risk of a gas leak and or an explosion which can be extremely dangerous and deadly. An open pilot light is also as equally as dangerous. Although faulty wiring on an electric water heater is possible, it is much less likely and not nearly as dangerous as a gas leak.

Less space - Gas water heaters require from 10 to 18 inches of space all around the water heater, this makes it more difficult to find a location to place the water heater. It can sometimes take up an entire closet or have to be placed in the basement which means it takes longer to heat the water you’re using all the way on the third floor. An electric water heater can be placed in a small crawl space!

Repairs and maintenance - There are significantly more parts on a gas water heater than on an electric water heater. The more parts an appliance has the more things that can go wrong, this means a gas water heater will need more repairs and maintenance attention than an electric water heater.

Installation - Installing a gas water heater is very expensive and extensive – it involves having PVC pipe installed all throughout your home. An electric water heater is not only cheaper to purchase but is overall much cheaper to install as well.

Features - With an electric water heater, you can purchase a timer for about $60 at your local hardware store. You can set the timer to begin and end at certain times of the day. This means the water heater isn’t heating the water when you’re at work or when you're sleeping. This additional feature alone will give the “cost-effectiveness” of your gas water heater a real run for its money.

Regardless of which type you decide to purchase, make sure it comes with an extended warranty and have it installed by an insured and licensed plumber.